Chris & Cosey - Twist


Chris & Cosey

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Chris & Cosey - Twist

A remix album of classic Chris & Cosey tracks. Originally released by T&B on double 12" vinyl in 1985.


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  1. Credit Sequence (mu-Ziq Mix)
  2. Fantastique (Carl Craig Mix)
  3. Re:Rise (Re:Search Mix)
  4. Telepathic Exotika (Fred Giannelli Mix)
  5. Voodoo (Tusken Raiders Mix)
  6. Driving Blind (Vapourspace Moist Sexy Mix)
  7. Gates Of Ancient Cities (Cosmic Connection Dischordian Mix)
  8. Cowboys In Bangkok (Coil vs Elph Mix)
  9. Walking Through Heaven (C&C Twist Mix)